After precedent setting decision, CID/HOA board of directors still do not get it

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The Seal Beach Leisure World HOA board of directors does not get it. The Laguna Woods Third Mutual Board of directors does not get it.  The Laguna Woods GRF does not get it.  The Laguna Woods United Mutual does not get it. The CZ board of directors does not get it.

This is a follow up story to a piece published in the Red County titled It is time to comply with California Appellate Court decision to let homeowners see those books and records!

In the previous piece, Mr. David Lyon battled a fiscal transparency case, prevailing every time, and after a long battle on August 27, 2008, the California Court of Appeals sided with Mr. Lyon ordering the Leisure World’s Golden Rain Foundation (”GRF”) board of directors to transparency in its operations and record keeping.   On January 5, 2009, Judge Ronald L. Bauer ruled in Lyon’s favor awarding him legal fees. Yet, Mr. Lyon tells  us the Leisure World board has yet to comply with the order.

In an email sent Laguna Woods United Mutual director Mr. Michael Curtis dated April 20, 2009, Re:  Application, The president of the Laguna Woods United Mutual board of directors  writes:  “The material you requested contained in the cover letter was a telephone conversation between staff and Mutual legal counsel“.  Mr. Curtis has also asked for legal counsel invoices.   Since Mr. Curtis has not received an acceptable response to his various requests, the only conclusion an impartial person can reach is that the United Mutual board is one of the boards, which still does not get it.  We asked the president of the United Mutua Lloyd Foster if his board indeed gets it, and if so, why has it not complied with Mr. Curtis’s various requests - so far, we have not heard from anyone on the board.  The question that immediately comes to mind is:  If the board does not have anything to hide, then why not comply with Mr. Curtis ‘ request? = No response!

Today, Mr. Curtis is asking for details on association Reserves writing:  

Our reserve contribution is one of the most important and costly monthly fees we have.  In United we currently pay $73 each month for reserves - about 15% of our monthly assessment.  During the next three years it will be going up to nearly $80 per month, and ten years from now it is planned to be $100 per month.

PCM The property management company) does not want to answer detailed questions about money - just the superficial ones.  So, they pull the junk below just to delay and deflect the situation…it’s called “DIDL” i.e. Deflect, Ignore, Deny and Lie.  Just watch them DIDL through this email…”    

Former CZ Master association board of directors and others have been sounding a similar fiscal mismanagement alarm in general, largely ignored by the CZ board of directors.  Earlier this week Mr. Morabito writes

In any case the balloon has burst with CZ.   Our Reserves are dangerously below where they should be at just 28.8%.   And, when the Board reported Reserves to be at 50% some time ago, they were talking about the recommended amount of $13,219,479. They were at about 50% of that number not the number needed to actually deal with future repairs.  The actual monies in Reserve are just 28.8% of $23,901,545 which will be needed in the future to cover repairs when they should be at 70% or more.  This CZ Board operates just like our state and federal governments, playing games with the numbers.   It is both irresponsible and just plain dishonest

So we asked Xochitl Yocahm, president of the CZ Master Association board of directors to comment on charges of fiscal mismanagement, and whether she agreed the CZ reserves were dangerously low, and what the board planned to do about it – no response.

Then there is the issue of removing a director from the board over at the Laguna Woods Village Third Mutual board, for no cause, and exposing the association not only to a protracted legal battle, but one it may eventually pay both ways. We asked board president Carol Moore to comment - predictably, we did not get a response.

 Do OA/CID board of directors  get it?  Apparently not!

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