READ ME FIRST:  The weakest links in a good number of cases is the assertion that "if I can only get venture capital, then I am on my way" - Our experience says that such assertion is not only false, but is used as a crutch instead of using Dr. Edison's recommendation to put in 99% perspiration to 1% inspiration.

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When one is looking for funds, the highest probability of success goes to those with direct contact with Investors or the VC community.  The next best thing is to have a third party arrange for an introduction, and then, as a last it yourself.  This section contains one of the most comprehensive Venture Capital Firm directory in the Internet

If you have your Business Plan and Executive Summary Ready to Fly, you can approach Venture Capital Firms, such as the ones listed below, that most closely align with your vision.....however, before you do, here is what we recommend:

1.  Study the VC firms and their investment strategy to make sure your plan fits in.

2.  Identify the most likely partner(s)

Any other method has a minimum probability of success!

If you know the name of the venture capital firm, enter it in the box below, otherwise click on the following links:

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