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Building Up Social Capital

Chief executives are under intense pressure from traditional constituencies, including the financial markets, customers, suppliers and their own people. Now however, more and more time is being spent with regulators, prosecutors, legislators, the press, various communities and various special interest groups. @WEBO can assist CEOs to build social capital so that if and when the company runs into the “Tylenol crisis”  it has a positive reservoir that it can draw from. 

@WEBO's founders have been providing organic and consulting services for over 30 years to companies such as Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, Matrix.Net and others.  Our experience shows that executives not conversant with Quality or Continuous Improvement initiatives tend to view these as a waste of time.  The Japanese auto manufacturers have shown Detroit how dangerous this line of thinking may be.  Similarly, Social Capital initiatives are often viewed in the same light.   As the Fast Company's 2005Social Capitalist Awards issue may say " pushing humanity's path upward is simply a matter of conviction, and a function of collective will to believe that each day the world can be a better place"

Who can benefit from initiatives aimed at building social capital?  If your company has not filed for bankruptcy, then it is an excellent candidate!

What industries are better suited for social capital initiatives?  In general, the more change the industry experiences, the more social capital needed.










2005 Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards

As defined by the Fast Company, a social capitalist is an organization that does more than just make a difference:  It must also understand the system that creates the social problems it addresses, and have a clear theory of why its efforts will transform that system.

1. Verite, Amherst Massachusetts

2. Accion International, Boston Masachussets

3. Aspire Public Schools, Oakland, California

4. City Year, Boston Massachusetts

5. ApproTech, San Francisco, California

6. College Summit, Washington DC

7. Rare, Arlington, Virigiia

9.  Earn, San Francisco, California

10.  Endeavor Global, New York, New York.  







We have provided consulting services to clients in various industries such as:  

Continuing Education 

Computer Manufacturing

  • Sun MicroSystems - Manufacturing organization audit
  • Apple Computer - notebook service audit
  • E-Machines - design and manufacturing operations management

Smart Homes

  • Solus Systems 


  • Riva Commerce 
  • CareerXpress 
  • iValueHub
  • NuAuction
  • 123iWAP
  • V-Mail
  • YoEncuentro

Business Intelligence


Food Industry

  • Maharani Restaurant

Toy Industry

  • CasenPoint:  developers of the On the Trail(tm) 

Digital Rights Technology

  • SecureStreams  wpe2.jpg (3118 bytes) 

Printing Industry

  •  Outsource Digital   wpe4.jpg (7559 bytes)

Call Center  Industry

  • GrowthExperts



We are significantly different from every other information technology service provider.  Our unique structure enables us to provide flexibility, quality across all horizontal technologies and every vertical market, 24 X 7,  a simplified user interface, consistent methodology and no bureaucracy.


We use the field-tested proprietary @WEBO methodology  previously pioneered at Diva Solutions and used  to deliver services on a global basis.  These products and services were sold to companies such as Gateway, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Apple, LG, Ingram Micro Europe, and many others.









Our passion is to develop long-lasting, mutually rewarding relationships.  We are not burdened with pressure  to achieve quarterly profits nor year-to-year revenue growth.  Consequently, all our focus is on increasing our client's  (and our own) reservoir of social capital.


















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