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Strategic Planning Models

Success has many owners, but failure is an orphan!  Regardless of the type of enterprise, from a start up venture, to a multi-product firm, strategic planning is difficult.  Typical criteria used when evaluating opportunities include  the use of strategic planning models, qualitative criteria and quantitative criteria such as sales, profits, market share, return on investment, return on assets, etc. 

Various planning tools have been developed to use as a function of the company’s objective:  From the General Electric’s Strategic Planning Grid,  Ansoff’s Growth Matrix to the Boston Consulting Group’s Product Portfolio Matrix. Porter's Generic Strategy Matrix and Cliff Boman's Competitive Strategy Matrix, [WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY STRATEGY], BENCHMARKING]


Marketing Case StudiesDell Computers | Callaway Golf Vina San Pedro 

Cliff Bowman’s Competitive Strategy Clock (Essence of Competitive Strategy, The
by David Faulkner, Cliff Bowman) This book provides a comprehensive blueprint for building a corporate strategy. "Where should we compete? What products should we compete with? How will we gain sustainable competitive advantage in the s we choose?" These strategic questions are at the heart of building a corporate strategy, and any company that intends to remain successful must find the right answers





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