February 2011

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Coto de Caza's Traffic Incident Rate at Critical Danger Levels

Posted by CotoBlogzz 10-18-2010   

Coto de Caza, CA -   While the Coto de Caza's total population has been shrinking for the last ten years, including placement of 17 property liens for the month of January 2011 out of roughly 3500 homes, the policies pursued by the CZ Master association board of directors, the local governance,  have consistently increased traffic with a reduction in CHP patrol hours, with predictable results.  Consider that for close to a decade, we have consistently shown conclusive evidence that there is a direct correlation between the extent of the CHP  traffic enforcement efforts and the number of traffic accidents in the community.  

The  2010 fourth quarter traffic accident figures show Coto de Caza's  traffic accident rate at an all-time high and a traffic fatality may be around the corner, unless something is done about it.

Take for instance 2002 when  the CZ Master Association board of directors fired the CHP without a suitable alternative, the accident rate climbed up significantly culminating on a  traffic fatality on December 7, 2005, the first traffic fatality in the community.  Eventually, the board was coerced into bringing back the CHP, however, it let road certification expire, neutralizing the CHP effectiveness, as the CHP could not issue citations, and the second traffic fatality was recorded three months later.

The 4Q2010 CHP statistics are even more frightening - the traffic accident rate is at an all-time high and CHP patrol at an all-time low- a fatality begging to happen!

Coto de Caza Traffic Accident/Fatalities Cause-Effect

The number one reason for CHP citations in Coto de Caza continue to be speeding by the older persuasion - the age group of 40-years and older receiving almost half of the citations as all other age groups combined.  This is not a surprise, as we have previously called Coto de Caza GRUP City 

4Q2010 - Coto de Caza Traffic Accidents Trending- Source:  CHP SJC

The 4Q2010  traffic accidents include two DUI, fiver personal injury and seven property damage.

Coto de Caza's Traffic Incident Rate  at Critical Danger Levels

The Ladera Ranch traffic accident rate for 2010 remain in check and at an order of magnitude less per capita, compared to its neighbors in Coto de Caza. 

NOTE:  During the 2007 CZ Master Association Candidate’s Night,  incumbents Varo/Mezger insisted that because Ladera Ranch residents were making a public spectacle, CHP hours  that otherwise might be allocated to Coto de Caza, were not. The implications are that since Coto residents have not taken the time nor the effort to make a public spectacle about public safety, ever since, Ladera Ranch residents have been the direct beneficiaries of a low and  relatively stable accident rate. In other words, Coto de Caza residents get what they deserve.
4Q2010 - Ladera Ranch, Traffic Accidents Trending- Source:  CHP SJC

The 4Q2010  traffic accidents  for Ladera Ranch include no DUIs, three personal injury and eight  property damage for a total for eleven traffic collisions.








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