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When a HOA spends $60K on Small Claims Court - Stupid is as Stupid Does?

Posted By CotoBlogzz May 17, 2011

Agoura Hills, CA -
On May 13, 2011 the Morrison Ranch HOA Board mailed a letter (see below)  to all homeowners with what clearly appeared to be an effort to slander and defame me as a result of the many facts I have posted on this website. It seems more important for the Board to mark me as a “bad guy” this year since I am running as a candidate against the incumbents for a seat on the Board.

A HOA Legal Mind - A Terrible Thing to Waste - - WMD in Morrison Ranch

I want everyone to understand that the website Morrison Ranch Neighbors'  only objective is to provide oversight and transparency to the actions of the Board. I have neither a personal agenda nor any personal animosity toward any board member. Evidently, some of the facts appear to have struck a nerve with the Board and they appear to feel they must distribute such a nasty letter about a me because I am working to get a quorum. That being said, I need to defend myself with the truth. The information in their letter regarding the small claims litigation is pretty much a fabrication by the board or a spin from their attorneys to make me look bad.

Response to their Litigation Report
I cannot dispute the Board’s claim of spending in excess of $59,000 to respond to the small claim actions filed against the Board. I can only assume if that’s what they claim they spent, then that must be the amount. I have a question for the Board. Why would you spend over $59,000 to defend small claim actions that were claims for failure to enforce the CC&Rs, non production of records and violation of the CC&Rs? These actions have to carry a small monetary penalty in order to be heard in small claims court. The maximum amount of each penalty for a small claim action is $500. This is the maximum the penalty could be while the judge could set the penalty anywhere between $1 and the maximum. So if we assume, just for the moment, that all six cases were lost by the Board, the maximum exposure to the Association could only be $3,000. The Board members chose to spend over $59,000 to defend cases that ultimately only require the production of records, the compliance by the board of the laws and a total maximum penalty of maybe $3,000. Additionally, the Board brought their attorneys to small claims court in an attempt to have them plead their case. As most people know, and especially attorneys, this is absolutely not allowed in small claims. So the Board’s improper action cost the Associations thousands of dollars when they all knew the court rules. This is ludicrous, fiscally irresponsible and clearly NOT in the best interest of our Association. In my opinion, the Board spent Association money to prevent having to produce documents and abide by the CC&Rs as required by law. To date, the penalties from the small claims actions paid out by the Board have totaled $303.

The Board claims in their letter that of the six cases heard, the Association won all but one case which they only lost on a technicality. The Board makes this statement while knowing it simply in not true. I question the Board’s motives. The truth is that there were 6 cases, three were combined and heard at one hearing on January 19, 2010 and the other three were heard on June 14, 2010, August 23, 2010 and August 30, 2010. Of the first three, I prevailed on one and the other two cases were dismissed without prejudice. (Dismissed without Prejudice: An order to dismiss a case in which the court preserves the plaintiff’s right to sue again on the same cause of action.) It is an absurd assumption that the Board might have made a mistake stating a dismissal without prejudice means they won the case. What makes it more far fetched is that one Board member is an attorney. A case dismissed by the court is neither a win nor a loss by either side. It is obvious to me the Board intentionally stated it wrong to create hostility towards me from the other homeowners.

The remaining three cases heard on June 14, 2010, August 23, 2010 and August 30, 2010 had the outcome of two dismissed by the court (one without prejudice, one with prejudice) and the third with a ruling in favor of the Board that the Board does not owe me any money, which has never been the intent or object of any of my small claims actions. In this action, I was suing to get the money back to the HOA that the Board members took against the rules. Because of the wording on the small claim filing, the judge determined that if he ruled in my favor, he couldn’t be sure where the money would go. Nonetheless, as you can see on the Board’s letter, they have decided to change the policy of awarding $200 to each member for “a job well done” (against the rules) to reimbursing themselves for actual expenses as described in Article III, Section 7 of the CC&Rs. Placing the blame on me that it will cause expenses to increase by 75% is another attempt by the Board to get my fellow homeowners turned against me.

The case dismissed with prejudice was filed against a Board member who absolutely refused to produce documents proving that he was not receiving free gardening services from AMG, the landscaping company employed by the Association. A good part of that $59,000 in legal fees were spent drafting documents to help prevent this Board member and the landscaping company from producing documents. Ultimately, the judge did not allow any of it into evidence. I will be writing a separate article on this case describing the details and facts so be sure to look for it soon.

I must respond to the allegation by the Board that the case I won was on a technicality. They want you to believe I asked for a voluminous amount of documents that had to be produced in 30 days under the law and they missed the deadline by only 12 days. Contrary to what they want to spin, I began asking for documents starting in February 2009 that the Board is required to produce by law in a designated time frame. The Board would not respond to my requests so ultimately to get the documents I had to file a lawsuit. (CLICK HERE TO SEE HISTORY OF DOCUMENT REQUESTS).

The remaining case is crystal clear. Articles governing time limits for serving on the Architectural Committee is a maximum of 6 years in a 10 year period. The Board admits the time has run out but wants the court to believe they have a good reason so that justifies the Board ignoring the CC&Rs. We will see how that works out.

I find the Board’s spinning of the truth and their waste of Association money shameful. The Board’s letter is a clear attempt to convince the homeowner’s that I am the bad guy and in their opinion, you should not vote for me. They are using this letter to advocate my defeat in the election.

This is a violation of Civil Code §1363.04 on Campaign Funding.

(a) Association funds shall not be used for campaign purposes in connection with any association board election.
(b) For the purposes of this section “campaign purposes” include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Expressly advocating the election or defeat of any candidate that is on the association election ballot.

Again, the Board appears to think the rules do not apply to them.

By the Board sending out this litigation report and using my name throughout the entire letter, they clearly wanted to send a message to all homeowners that they will use all association resources if you dare to challenge the Board.

Bottom line, let’s stop the insanity and get out and vote. It’s time for a change!

 Unsuccessful attempt to record annual meeting, as requested by members unable to attend.  

Jan Gerstel

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Royal Discrimination in Monarch Beach HOA - Monarch Beach, CA - The problem began right around. 2010, when our newly elected president, Doug Kirk, chose to meet privately with Ryan Phillips of Compass Property Management, and in a closed meeting held without other board members' knowledge or approval, solely signed a contract to hire Compass as our new management company.

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Bigotry and racism have educated themselves; no "N" words, no cross burnings. They blend seamlessly into their neighborhoods. Had Gary and I not had over 10 years of experience with them, we would not have been able to identify this game play, either. For over 20 years we have been actively involved in the creation of, and sales of, covenant compliant affordable homes in the best neighborhoods in Lincoln. That is why they always came after us. FFH Laws are the tools the Federal Gov. have given us to protect our clients housing rights and we routinely use them. Gary has stated for years, once you establish that the homes are covenant compliant the conversation must end. When the neighbor is still "complaining", we immediately start explaining FFH laws. (Gary was able to document one of these conversations by email in 2009, you have it with the files) That is how you expose the bigot/racist. The individual has only two choices. 1) whether they like it or not, comply with Federal law. 2) in frustration the indivudual blurts out "it really isn't about the houses, it's the people that move into those houses I don't want in the neighborhood." Our participation in the conversation

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About every two months I get a call, or a client comes in to ask me about condominiums. It usually starts off with, ?I bought this adorable little condo? and then the upstairs neighbor had a flood?. And then the Homeowners Association refused??

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