April  2010  

Coto de Caza's Own Climate Change – An Inconvenient Truth: a Big Snow Job


Posted by CotoBlogzz March 24-2010 08:00 PM

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - The president of Coto de Caza’s local governance reports that certain residents are surprised the community is doling out subsidies of over $3 million/year, mostly as a result of the board’s misguided decision to build a dog park at the time it is facing a fiscal tsunami of its own making.

At the same time, the local governance reports having worked for “most of the past year to identify the various long term governance options available to the community”.  It fails to report, that the local governance has also been working with an un-elected, unchecked body, LAFCO.  Not unlike, the unelected, unchecked Air Resources Board declaring today that AB 32 will not change the economy: .”  these bodies are tax-payer funded bodies acting more like unregistered lobbyists, which is why we often referred to them as parasitic bureaucracies and one of California’s Triple Threat.

While the local governance refers to a “recent poll conducted wherein residents overwhelmingly responded that there was no interest in doing anything that would require new taxes,” it also mentions that a working group which includes LAFCO and the city of RSM would require the community to pay new taxes. 

For reference, this type of studies is RSM council member,   Gary Thompson’s  specialties. 


 Rancho Santa Margarita's council member and suspended Menifee Fiance Director G. Thompson

The Menifee City Council recently suspended Finance Director Gary Thompson’s contract and will hire an auditor to probe the city's internal financial controls.  The audit is supposed to focus on the city's supplier management process and controls.

Arrogantly, the local governance concludes that “..the opportunity to be placed in the sphere of influence (SOI) of RSM, thereby establishing  the groundwork for the potential annexation into the City of RSM, is the preferred option for the residents  of Coto de Caza”  - very similar to the recent activity by the US  Congress asserting that it knows better than the taxpayer and ramming down its throat health care legislation, for instance.

In light of the various allegations floating around, including the “good old boys network”, We asked Mr. Thompson to comment on two different cities with supplier management issues – he is involved in both.  We also asked him about his role with LAFCO and the Coto de Caza’s local governance drive to annex Coto.  The latter has the appearances of a conflict of interest.  We also asked Orange County LAFCO’s Executive Director Joyce Crosthwaite and Coto de Caza President Xochitl Yocham to comment on Mr. Thompson’s involvement with annexation.  Not a peep from anyone.



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Rancho Santa Margarita’s Council Member Thompson’s Suspended Contract
Rancho Santa Margarita – CA. The Menifee City Council has suspended Finance Director Gary Thompson’s contract and will hire an auditor to probe the city's internal financial controls. The audit is supposed to focus on the city's supplier management process and controls. Mr. Thompson is an incumbent Rancho Santa Margarita council member seeking reelection


From the Jesse Petrilla for City Council Campaign: RSM Councilman Thompson is Gone Fishin'

Please see the following article originally posted in Orange County's Red County blog:

By Don Draper | 03/14/10 | RedCounty.com
Rancho Santa Margarita Councilman Gary Thompson has found himself under fire in recent days, but not because of anything he's done in any Rancho related capacity.

Rather, Gary, who has set out his own shingle as a consultant to municipal governments in the western parts of Riverside County, finds himself under the microscope of investigative journalists for conduct that led to his recent suspension as Finance Director in the City of Menifee. According to accounts, Gary appears to have badly bungled his duties as Finance Director, overpaying contractors to the tune of around $100,000 over the past year - bungling which last week resulted in his suspension.

Making matters worse, this report (coming all the way from the North County Times - a San Diego paper) notes that one of the companies that benefited from the overpayments had contributed $1,000 to Thompson's RSM re-election campaign just days after inking a contract with Menifee.

And after being asked about the whole ordeal, what was Thompson's response to a reporter? "I'm going fishing. I've got things to do."

Before this is over, I'm going to guess that Gary is going to have to do a little better than that in explaining this whole ordeal.



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