August 2009  

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the LA Times, the Orange County Register and CID/HOA board of directors and report the facts

Public Safety Data Indicates GRUPs Continue to be an Issue in Coto de Caza

Posted by CotoBlogzz  | 07-22-2009  3:30 PM

  Coto de Caza, CA - The latest public safety data from the Orange County Sheriff's department shows the crime  rate in Coto de Caza continues an upward trend that started at the end of December of 2007 and reached a peak by March of 2008.

Total number of arrests nearly doubled by the end of the second quarter of 2009 compared to the end of the first quarter ending March 2009.  Four  burglaries were registered in the second quarter of 2009 compared to one in the first quarter.  Number of fraud cases also doubled in the second quarter as compared to the first quarter.

Apparently unique to the community is that the age group of 50-years and above, account for roughly 50% of the reported incidents - what we call the GRUP Syndrome.

Period Inc.
1Q06 54
 2Q06 60
3Q06 81
4Q06 63
 1Q07 54
 2Q07 81
3Q07 65
 4Q07 43
 1Q08 66
 2Q08 60
 3Q08 78
4Q08 69
1Q09 65
2Q09 71

Coto de Caza - Crime and Vandalism Trending 2Q2009, source:  OCSD

Data for Ladera Ranch shows that the upward trend in crime that started by the end of last year may have been contained for now, with the total number of arrests falling from a total of 46 by the end of March 2009, to 19 by the end of the second quarter of 2009.

Period Inc.
1Q06 305
 2Q06 235
3Q06 156
4Q06 177
 1Q07 141
 2Q07 139
3Q07 129
 1Q08 122
 2Q08 133
 3Q08 120
4Q08 142
1Q209 197
2Q2009 144


Ladera Ranch - Crime and Vandalism Trending 2Q2009, source:  OCSD

Whereas the  age group of 50-years and older account for 50% of  the total number of incidents in Coto de Caza, the same group accounts for only 10% in Ladera Ranch.  The phenomena seems to be consistent since we started keeping track some six years ago.


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What are the $1.5M Coto de Caza Gates Good For?  We have often presented irrefutable evidence that gated communities are not necessarily safer than communities with no gates.   In fact, the over $1.5 million dollars/year  spent by  Coto de Caza, often makes that community less safe than most of the gated or un-gated neighbors

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What Coto de Caza is Doing for Public SafetyWAugust 8,   2008                      We are currently following up on various traffic incidents registered in Coto de Caza during July and have asked the CHP to confirm the investigations are still open in the cases listed below  

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This brief starts with the firing of a volunteer (early 2006) Public Safety Chairperson for her refusal to give up her free speech rights and promote Coto for city, before public safety.The president of the CZ Master Association board promises to fire...

Orange County Crime Down, Nation's Crime Up - While the FBI is expected to report a 1.3 percent rise in violent crime nationwide in 2006 — an increase for the second straight year,  Sheriff Michael Carona today announced that criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft decreased by 3.7% in jurisdictions served by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 2006. “This is great news for Orange County. Violent crimes decreased by 7.72% and property crimes decreased by 3.76% as compared to 2005. The men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, in partnership with our residents, community leaders, and business owners, continue to make law enforcement a top priority. We are, once again, one of the safest communities in the nation,” said Sheriff Carona.

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We have often referred to the GRUP, Peter Pan and even Michael Jackson Syndrome ? where adults refuse to grow up - and usually associated with traffic citations. This time is no different. Looking at snap shots of citations throughout 2008:

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Crime and Vandalism In Coto de Caza at All Time High
The President?s letter contained in the October 2008 CZ Master association newsletter asserts that ?With the kids back in school, incidents of vandalism have dropped 80%. There were a lot more vandalism incidents this summer compared to last year for...

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It is all about the culture stupid! - Arrogance, incompetence or stupidity?When we first interviewed Sheriff Hutchens and just prior to her swearing in ceremony we asked her to define the OCSD? culture. She was unable to articulate a response - so we...

Another Corrupt Coto de Caza Election
All: I just threw the Delegate Election form sent by CZ in the trash. I refuse to participate in a process that intentionally disenfranchises our members. Clearly, we have taxation without representation in Coto/CZ.


CZ Master Association Survey - Faulty Data
The first CZ survey results were published in Coto Voice and while the information is interesting, the sampling is not large enough or cross referenced so drawing any accurate conclusions should be take with a grain of salt. A 30% or greater sampling is...

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I am mad as hell and I don?t care who knows. This morning I saw the illegal aliens working for our landscaping contractor installing sod on Coto de Caza Drive near our home with those ugly dirt mow strips that look terrible..

It is 2009 - Iraq Holds Free Elections - Coto de Caza Still Ruled By Politburo
It is 2009 and Iraq just held its municipal elections with little to no little violence while sectarian parties did poorly and mainstream media mostly ignored the milestone as a nonevent. Refer to a good editorial on the subject by the WSJ.


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All residents want is transparency, accountability & civility
When residents complain about PCM, it is generally not about the field staff. For the most part, field staff is efficient and pleasant to deal with. No, the complaints about PCM are about their management.


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Law?  What Law?  WE are the Law!  Recent find of Original Documents were mailed to each President (GRF, Third Laguna Hills Mutual and United Laguna  Hills Mutual), together with information sheets from OriginalTrust and amendment to the Trust dated Jan. 9, 1969. These documents stated how and why Ross Cortese, the developer of Leisure World Laguna Hills, changed the concept of Leisure World Laguna Hills from a Senior Citizen non-profit Co- operative to a Senior Citizen non-profit Condominium Complex.

$2 million Verdict Returned Against Homeowners Association
Conduct constituted malice, oppression, or fraud and committed by one or more officers, directors or managing agents of the HOA - Presiding Juror Earlier this week a jury in a case filed in Superior Court of California Riverside, a jury ruled in favor...

GRF 2009 Budget Review, Be There or Be Out of Luck!
Letter from LWV resident M. Curtis inviting concerned residents: Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 22) at 9AM, in the Community Center Board Room, GRF will have a Special Corporate (all boards) meeting to review next year's budget. See the...   

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LET'S IMPEACH HER NOW BEFORE SHE DOES FURTHER DAMAGE!! WHAT AN IDIOT!! WHERE DO WE GET MORONS?Windfall Tax on Retirement Income Adding a tax to your retirement is simply another way of saying to the American people, you're so darn stupid that we're...

by D. Vanitzian(c) 2007 Donie VanitzianWhen criminal liability is not charged against the "criminals" in an association, then the titleholders become the Human Capital used to fund the criminal activities and wrongdoing.

This ain't no party! This ain't no disco! This ain't no community!

Dare's role in Pastures cost association $100,000
By BRENDAN J. LYONS, Senior writer First published: Sunday, Times Union August 12, 2007. Republished with permissionAugust 12, 2007 ALBANY -- An advocate for the Historic Pastures Homeowners Association, which lost more than $100,000 in...

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Laguna Wood Village - CA. So what do you do when you are HOA/CID board of director?s president and want to get something approved, such as a manor's stock transfer paperwork without discussion? You can do like Speaker Pelosi and get a historic...

CA, The Golden State ? For Lobbyists, Unless Chuck DeVore is Elected?
The corps of lobbyists is California's third house ? Registered lobbyists outnumber lawmakers in Sacramento 8-to-1, then there are the government funded unregistered lobbyists



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