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Coto de Caza Crime & Vandalism at All Time High - A Tale of Two Cities

Posted By CotoBlogzz |  01-24-2009 5:30 PM

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - When looking at crime and vandalism in the Coto de Caza community, the only question seems to be the slope of curve but not the direction.  There was a 20% increase in crime from the third quarter to the fourth quarter ending December 2009, for example, where burglary/theft increased from a total of 18 reported incidents to 31.

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Period Incidents
1Q06 54
 2Q06 60
3Q06 81
4Q06 63
 1Q07 54
 2Q07 81
3Q07 65
 4Q07 43
 1Q08 66
 2Q08 60
 3Q08 78
4Q08 69
1Q09 65
2Q09 71
3Q09 72
4Q09 93

In a classic study of a Tale of Two cities, the un-incorporated community of Ladera Ranch, shows a significantly different story.  With a population of roughly 20,000 residents, as compared to 16,000 in Coto de Caza, the Ladera Ranch crime rate in that community continues the downward trend first seen during the second quarter of 2006

Source:  OSCD

We previously reported that "Apparently unique to the community is that the age group of 50-years and above, account for roughly 50% of the reported incidents - what we call the GRUP Syndrome", and that law enforcement agencies are not particularly well liked by the Coto de Caza governance, specially the California Highway Patrol (CHP).  

Period Incidents
1Q06 305
 2Q06 235
3Q06 156
4Q06 177
 1Q07 141
 2Q07 139
3Q07 129
 1Q08 122
 2Q08 133
 3Q08 120
4Q08 142
1Q209 197
2Q2009 144
3Q2009 164
4Q2009 122


These differences still exist.  We have posited that the different approach to public safety in the two communities have a significant impact on  the crime and vandalism rates,  and traffic violations, for that matter:  A corollary to Winstron's Law:  Crime goes where is it is well treated.

Source:  OSCD


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Coto, Ladera Third Quarter Public Safety Figures Show Few Surprises - Coto de Caza the GRUP Capital of Orange County. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - A review of the crime and vandalism figures for the communities of Coto de Caza and Ladera Ranch for the third quarter of 2009 show few surprises, although in both instances, the incident rates have inched upward.  Larceny, theft and fraud are the main factors contributing to the increase in Coto de Caza, while fraud, vandalism and dis-orderly conduct are the ones listed for Ladera Ranch.

The Audacity of Coto de Caza Stupidity

In covering public safety in the community for the last six years, I have learned that the GRUP Syndrome aka Michael Jackson’s Syndrome – where adults refuse to grow up, is not only alive and well in Coto de Caza, but is also thriving.

Coto de Caza Traffic Citations – Trading Places- We have often referred to the GRUP, Peter Pan and even Michael Jackson Syndrome – where adults refuse to grow up - and usually associated with  traffic citations.  This time is no different.  Looking at snap shots of citations throughout 2008:

Public Safety Data Indicates GRUPs Continue to be an Issue in Coto de Caza- Coto de Caza, CA - The latest public safety data from the Orange County Sheriff's department shows the crime  rate in Coto de Caza continues an upward trend that started at the end of December of 2007 and reached a peak by March of 2008.

What are the $1.5M Coto de Caza Gates Good For?  We have often presented irrefutable evidence that gated communities are not necessarily safer than communities with no gates.   In fact, the over $1.5 million dollars/year  spent by  Coto de Caza, often makes that community less safe than most of the gated or un-gated neighbors

Grup City – Coto de Caza ......Of Peter Pan, Grups and Coto d Caza
As the Coto de Caza board of directors controlled by Varo/Mezger/Hill continue to handle public safety as a Tar Baby, it is only appropriate to consider a tag line for Coto de Caza once Varo/Mezger/Hill accomplish their goal of turning Coto into a City....

What Coto de Caza is Doing for Public SafetyWAugust 8,   2008                      We are currently following up on various traffic incidents registered in Coto de Caza during July and have asked the CHP to confirm the investigations are still open in the cases listed below   

Orange County Crime Down, Nation's Crime Up - While the FBI is expected to report a 1.3 percent rise in violent crime nationwide in 2006 — an increase for the second straight year,  Sheriff Michael Carona today announced that criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny-theft and motor vehicle theft decreased by 3.7% in jurisdictions served by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in 2006. “This is great news for Orange County. Violent crimes decreased by 7.72% and property crimes decreased by 3.76% as compared to 2005. The men and women of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, in partnership with our residents, community leaders, and business owners, continue to make law enforcement a top priority. We are, once again, one of the safest communities in the nation,” said Sheriff Carona.

No Dues Increase for Estates and Villages - Thanks CZ!
Thanks to the outstanding work of the boards from the Estates and the Villages, apparently there is no need to raise dues for 2009 ? however, most of the credit should go to the CZ Master Association board of directors for their contribution to the common..

Crime and Vandalism In Coto de Caza at All Time High
The President?s letter contained in the October 2008 CZ Master association newsletter asserts that ?With the kids back in school, incidents of vandalism have dropped 80%. There were a lot more vandalism incidents this summer compared to last year for...

From "To Serve and Protect" to Disarm, Intimidate and Ridicule
It is all about the culture stupid! - Arrogance, incompetence or stupidity?When we first interviewed Sheriff Hutchens and just prior to her swearing in ceremony we asked her to define the OCSD? culture. She was unable to articulate a response - so we...


1Q2007 Coto de Caza Crime and Vandalism Report
A comparison between the 1Q2006 and 1Q2007 Crime and Vandalism reports shows that a favorite Coto de Caza crime is fraud, that the Peter Pan Syndrome continues to be alive and well (crime is evenly distributed between kids and adults) and a criminal…

CHP in Coto - Big Mouth CZ Bob- By Joseph Morabito, former member CZ Master Association Board of Directors
Hello All: I have heard that CHP officers are not volunteering to work in Coto even for the time and a half pay they would earn. So, we are not even getting the 40 hours a week that was the original deal under Glisson/Rose. It would seem that Bob…

How many times must the CZ safety committee be formed before it can be called an association committee?
A 2006 CZ newsletter proudly announces that the ?CZ Master Association Champions Public Safety Committee?, During 2006 general CZ board meetings, the board appoints a chairman and various public safety committee members.A 2007 CZ stupid lawyer letter…

CHP DOES ITS JOB – CZ BOARD  PLEASE DO YOURS!  Despite the public abuse the CHP has received from the Coto de Caza board of directors ever since the board was coerced into bringing the CHP back for pro-active traffic patrol, figures indicate that the CHP is doing its job:  Trend for accident rate is down and close to pre-firing levels.   Just as important, the number of Coto residents arrested for DUI is down. See chart below for actual accident rate.  

  CHP Public Arrest WE9-24 and the Varo For Mayor Flawed Arguments
With more than a few data points under Coto’s belt, we can officially declare that there is a positive downward trend in the number of Coto residents arrested by the CHP since we started this report!

Coto de Caza Truth Or Consequences
Earlier this morning we spent close to two hours with Mayor of the City of Laguna Nigel Cathryn DeYoung & Candidate for Orange County Supervisor, Fifth District  and Lt. Col. Bill Kogerman. 


Coto de Caza Supplier Performance Management Performance
Given Keystone’s, private security company and the myriad of consultant’s track record, we repeatedly asked the board to use our supplier performance metrics or come up with their own.

Finally the board’s response was: “If…


At the risk of pulling an OCR’s Sickler (attempting to impersonate a reporter by presenting “news” with no factual information to support these news), we are starting to see what appears to be a trend: A reduction in Coto residents…


The Broken CZipper and Mezger’s POLP Rain
These (see email below from former Coto de Caza board of directors, Joe Morabito) are clear indications of an out of control board:Generally, the rights of homeowners include the right to participate in meetings of the board of directors and to be heard,…







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