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Operation (Kenyan) Tugboat Serendipity

Posted By CotoBlogzz  | 04/11/09 | 11:00 AM | 

For too long, the current US administration has been consumed with trying to clean up an inherited mess, as the President so eloquently repeated at every possible opportunity during his recent trip to Europe.

Providence however does not disappoint, as a major global catastrophe has emerged to showcase the administration’s multiple talents – the pirated US ship off the coast of Kenya.  Right wing extremists are already crying foul, given that Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. was conveniently  a Kenyan senior governmental economist, and father of US President Barack Obama.  They say this global crisis has all been staged to show off the skills of the new administration in handling new global crisis.

The  ship whose captain is being held hostage by Somali pirates reached a Kenyan port Saturday evening with its 19 remaining crew members, hours after sea bandits seized an Italian-flagged tugboat in a new attack. 

Capt. Richard Phillips was seized Wednesday when he foiled the takeover of the U.S.-flagged Maersk Alabama, which was carrying food aid for hungry people in Somalia, Rwanda and Uganda. He told his crew to lock themselves in a cabin, according to crew members.

Phillips surrendered himself to safeguard his men. The crew later overpowered some of the pirates but the Somalis fled with the captain to an enclosed lifeboat, the relatives said

It is said the administration is intimately involved in the details of an operation (Operation Tugboat Serendipity)  to snatch Capt. Richard Phillips from his captors. There are two major elements of the Operation Tugboat Serendipity:  1)  Making arrangements to meet with the pirates without pre-conditions and 2) Development of new vocabulary, given that the President wants to make sure “words mean something”.  Terms already discarded include:


  • Genocide
  • Tax Cheats
  • Lobbyist
  • Kenya
  • Somlai
  • Terrorist
  • War
  • Tugboat
  • Values
  • Murder
  • Enemy combatants
  • Pirates
  • War on Terror
  • Blackberry
  • Serious Consequences
  • Rebels

Linguists from across the world have been summoned for a meeting on short order and expect the tug boat crisis will come to a happy ending any minute


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