May 2009  

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Deceit is the NEW Transparent

By CotoBlogzz | 04/23/09 | 03:00 PM |

After promising the most transparent administration in history, the President signed a Spending Bill, otherwise known as the BINER (the Bill No one Read).  Then there is a Treasury Secretary who does not have people – as in H&R, for example.  Not to mention that the President made it clear he did not want any lobbyists in the new administration, unless these were from the finance, banking, auto media (as in Immelt) and organized labor sectors.

Then there is the Honorable Senator Chris Dodd, from Connecticut who denied he had anything to do with the AIG bonus debacle before he admitted to being the author of the legislation authorizing AIG  bonuses – the same Senator the President so effusively has endorsed.

Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress today, he will not selectively release classified terror memos, after the administration selectively released classified terror memos.

According to the April 23, 2009 issue of the Wall Street Journal, ousted Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis testified under oath before New York’s attorney general that he was pressured to keep silent about the financial difficulties at Merrill Lynch, while “the two sides negotiated government funding to help BoA absorb Merrill and its huge losses.”

Tragically David Kellerman, Freddie Mac’s acting chief financial officer apparently committed suicide yesterday, at his home.  So we will not go there nor Barney Frank’s abhorrent denial of culpability.

Closer to home, even though registered lobbyist outnumber lawmakers in Sacramento 8-to-1, there are the government funded unregistered lobbyists, such as the CLRC and or the Redundant Department of Redundancy, who do work otherwise elected officials should be doing, but they fly under the radar screen with virtually no scrutiny.

And what does a big-time city Mayor from a bankrupt state do in order to afford the otherwise unaffordable?  Under the cover of mail-in ballots, you deploy a “creative plan” to circumvent the democratic process:  Sort of like Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s plan to have property owners to quadruple what they pay to fight storm-water pollution, using a process that allows the city to avoid the usual two-thirds requirement for raising new revenues.

QED —> Deceit is the new Transparent - right?


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