May 2009  

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  OCDA Rackauckas to Lead Victimís Rights Rally

Posted by CotoBlogzz 04/14/2009 5:00 PM

On April 27, Orange County  District Attorney Tony Rackauckas will host  a Victimís Rights reception at the Orange County District Attorney's Office and then lead a march to Old Orange County Courthouse followed by a  remembrance Rally at the Old Orange County Courthouse. 

With the passage of Proposition 9, "Marsy's Law", in California in November 2008, the nation and especially victims have a  standard for victims rights nationally: Rights that align with all 9 victims rights nationally and rights that are, most importantly, enforceable!

OCDA Tony Rackauckas " wishes to relay information regarding the newly enumerated rights for victims under Marsyís law and recognize their survival and pain.  He wants  the public to know that victims have rights and law enforcement will work to fight for their rightsĒ, according the DA Spokesperson Susan Schroeder

The nation's victims' rights movement and victim assistance discipline have together achieved many significant milestones over the last 42 years. A Historical Overview-from 1965 to present-charts  landmarks, including the passage of critical federal and state laws; the implementation of promising practices that improve the delivery and scope of crime victim services; and the development of new victim assistance strategies that expand capacity for and outreach efforts to crime victims and survivors.


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