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No Dues Increase for Estates and Villages - Thanks CZ!


Posted by: CotoBlogzz | 12/22/2008 04:25 AM

Thanks to the outstanding work of the boards from the Estates and the Villages, apparently there is no need to raise dues for 2009 – however, most of the credit should go to the CZ Master Association board of directors for their contribution to the common good.

By continuing to subsidize the Coto LifeStyle for the Estates, the Villages, the Silver Bronze and other, these groups  have set records by not having to have dues increases.  To thank CZ residents, a new proposed Polo Arena is planned for Coto de Caza:  While the traffic will increase in the community, the spirits will flow and the association’s liability will go up, the proceeds for leasing the Arena will go to the Silver Bronze – as former CZ board member Joseph Morabito says 

Well as the Church Lady always said,

“Isn’t that nice”.   The freeloaders in our midst do not need to raise their Association dues; but CZ has done so three times in five years; yet our Reserves are still far below where they should be at 56% of less and we have no strategic plan in place to deal with landscaping replacement.  I call that blatant fiscal mismanagement by a CZ Board that lacks commons sense and sound business judgment.  It started with Varo/Mezger and now it continues with the Yocham Board.  When is this pain going to end??”


But wait...there is more.  Then to add insult to injury, similar to the sales collateral handed out by the private security personnel benefiting board members, the latest CZ newsletter contains a flyer promoting the Golf Club, which just happens to be promoting the free flow of spirits, such as Happy Hour, Discounted Wine Night and Margarita Madness – guess what happens to the community’s liability?

Thanks and Happy New Year to the CZ board of directors for their most generous contribution to the community!



Yep, we are a bunch of saps for putting up with the fiscal mismanagement that has gone on in CZ for years.   I still say we need to buy the tar, feathers and pitch forks to run these incompetent CZ Board Members out of town.  They raise our dues three times in five years, fail to properly go out to bid for major services to cut expenses, make a mess of Coto de Caza Drive, fail to implement a strategic plan for landscaping replacement, fail to properly fund Reserves, fail to bring direct popular elections to Coto etc. etc.  That is a lot of failure for one Board of Directors.   Perhaps, they should all apply to be Board Members for General Motors where failure is commonplace and management there has also made a big mess of things.  Joe Morabito


Coto de Caza's  GIGO (Garbage In - Garbage Out) Survey  Dr. Archester Houston, working for the Organizational Systems Division, in the Office of the Under Secretary of the Navy from a Survey Handbook, to answer a number of questions, including

Coto de Caza Bailout plan - Hello All:  In this month’s newsletter Xochi Yocham is talking about another dues increase to cover increases in expenses.  There they go again.  Just like Varo/Mezger instead of dealing with all the subsidies going to outsiders and non-members in Coto, the Board wants to take the easy road and hit us again with the third dues increase in what now will be five years.  Well I am mad as hell and I don’t care who knows.   We have government that has failed us. 

CZ Losers!: Here is a little something to remember me by - the Estates and the Villages
In a recent CZ Master Association?s newsletter, the president of the board of directors writes about his encounter with various presents left by pet owners in South Coto de Caza, and encourages residents to good citizens and use the doggie bags to remove…


Is Welfare Reform Coming to Coto de Caza?

Do not count on the Zipperman/Yocham board to do it!

During the August 9, 2007 CZ Master Association open board meeting, it was disclosed that maintenance cost for the horse trails is $100.000.00 per year, and 90% or so of users are non-CZ residents.  Equestrians not only use horse trails, but also use fire trails and side streets, leaving behind Equine Poop Soup as a token of their appreciation. The Zipperman/Yocham  board sees nothing wrong, citing an agreement that no one on the board had read!


Coto de Caza Dealing with the Estates and Village People
Before the Coto de Caza (CZ) Board of directors raises dues again in 2007 on CZ Members, the Board must deal with the subsidy provided the Estates and Village people to be fair to CZ Members. Since the Estates and Village people pay not one dime to…


Caza Board of Directors and Pat Bates Make a GREAT TEAM! - The South Orange County Welfare Services Leadership Board
The Coto de Caza subsidizes the Estates and the Villages at the tune of over $1,000,000/year.Pat Bates voted to raise pensions to public employees by a whopping 50% (SB 400).  This Bill set the stage for the 3% at 50 benefit package that…


Coto de Caza Supplier Performance Management Performance
Given Keystone’s, private security company and the myriad of consultant’s track record, we repeatedly asked the board to use our supplier performance metrics or come up with their own.

ChaunceyBuzz and the CZ SubsidiesChauncey Bailey, editor of the Oakland Post was gunned down as he walked to work in August of last year.  Law enforcement agents believe he was murdered because of his investigation into a business called Your Black Muslim Bakery

Finally the board’s response was: “If…

The CZ (Master Association) Lifestyle and the Volunteer Fallacy
The October 2007 CZ Master Association’s Newsletter makes the argument that the CZ lifestyle is mostly due to efforts of volunteers and that it is ?very easy to overlook the tireless work and the thousands of hours donated? to benefit CZ residents.

The Wealth of Associations (HOA) - Separation of Chumps and State Responding to ad hominem missiles lobbed by defenders of the various CZ Master Association (CZMA) subsidies, former member of the CZMA board of directors, Joseph Morabito figures that he “.. is upset with me now because I keep hitting the subsidy issue and he apparently is active in the Sports League.  At some point, the Board will have to deal with the subsidies going to non-members and even Members who are not paying their fair share of the extra expense they are causing the Association” and our response is encapsulated below:

This may be an explanation as to why his rose-colored glasses yield the following conclusions:

Most Frequent HOA Complaints?: Dues Increases and CC&R Changes ? WSJ
So the number of people that lived in associations and complained about them is 69/75 = 92%. This is in stark contrast to Community Association Institute’s (CAI) claim that 95% of the people living in associations love them

Desperate Homeowners ? From OCWeekly Perspective- Disgruntled rich folks wrangle over the question: ?When is a Coto de Caza resident not a Coto de Caza resident??
“?If the board members only used their heads and had no personal agendas to take care of first, they could see where they are going is wrong,? says the 72-year-old security consultant, who splits his time between working in Nevada and his daughter?s home…

No Decision-Making Outsourcing for Supervisor John Moorlach- On your face Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs! - Do As I Say Not as I Do! - Moorlach et al
Orange County supervisor John Moorlach has been described by local media columnists as the only politician solid enough to have accumulated sufficient political capital to take on the powerful Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs. A few weeks…

Mezger resigns from board ? an OCR Paraphrase
According to the September 28, 2007 issue of the CanyonLife, Jerry Mezger?s departure from the CZ Master Association board of directors is attributed to ??recent growth of his company and its increased demands on his time?.

The $1000 Fence for the $1 Horse - Or is it the other way around in your HOA?- $400 FENCE COSTS $83,000 IN HOA BATTLE
An example of what happens when volunteers do so for the wrong reasons??As reported by KING 5 News reporter Jane McCarthy on Wednesday, September 26, 2007 a battle over CC&R enforcement and decision making by volunteers created

Outsourcing Decision Making to Property Management Companies
Arguably, outsourcing can be a manager?s best friend, or worst enemy. It is fair to say that most people get paychecks prepared not by the employer, but by companies such as ADP. Of course, we also know about the call centers in India.

The (Coto de Caza) Outsourcing of Decision Making and the $1,000.00/hr lawyers

The August 22, 2007 issue of the Wall Street Journal reports that hourly lawyer rates are increasingly hitting what was once considered a taboo level:  $1,000 per hour. “A few attorneys crossed into $1,000 per hour billing before this year, but recent moves to the four-figure mark in New York, which sets trends for legal markets around the country, are seen as significant turning point”, writes the WSJ’s  Nathan Koppel.

Mission Viejo Resident R. Khayyam, faces trial for accepting bribes
According to the Orange County District Attorney?s Office, Reza Khayyami, 49, Mission Viejo, a former Chief Technology Officer for Orange County faces trial tomorrow for soliciting and accepting a $5,000 bribe to use his position of authority to influence..

Payroll Position at AMO Used As ATM for Luxury Goods and Gambling Robert Lee Winn, 43,  former payroll manager of  publicly traded company Advanced Medical Optics  (AMO) is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of stealing more than $487,000 from his employer by transferring money into a personal account to be spent on personal luxuries and gambling, according to Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Government agencies spend taxpayer money to promote self-interests
According to LA Times reporter David Zahniser, ?two weeks ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District mailed voters what officials described as a ?fact sheet? on Measure Q, a $7-billion construction bond on the Nov. 4 ballot.? And ?Although it did not...

The Social Host Made Me Do It
Shannon Hyman, an underage drinker at the time this incident took place, is suing the Green Iguana Bar & Grill after the bar served her a "flaming shot" of Bacardi 151 proof rum - she got scared of the flames, spit it out and she then burned herself from...

Crime and Vandalism In Coto de Caza at All Time High
The President?s letter contained in the October 2008 CZ Master association newsletter asserts that ?With the kids back in school, incidents of vandalism have dropped 80%. There were a lot more vandalism incidents this summer compared to last year for...



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