April  2008 ISSUE

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the LA Times, the Orange County Register and CID/HOA board of directors and report the facts!

The Three OC Blind Mice

April 9,  2008                      

OCDA's Rackauckas says that 9-month grand jury probe of jail beating death did not find evidence of criminal wrongdoing by sheriff's personnel, although sheriff's personnel does only bare minimum to keep their jobs.

The OCDA says it did all it could to prevent suicidal sheriff from committing suicide – but system used allowed sheriff to find out of his impending arrest, prior to committing suicide

OCSD’s Jack Anderson after opposing release of 9-month grand jury findings on grounds of compromising security, now wants probe into civil-rights violations, and promises punishment.

OCBS - Supervisor says 9-month grand jury probe report shows clear case of human failure.  OCSB asked OC Tax Collector to step down or else.  OCSB promised to stop a bloated pension scheme – Three OC Blind Mice….

Three OC blind mice,
Three OC blind mice
See how they run,
See how they run!

They all ran after
The worker’s tax
He cut off their tails
With no’mo’ taxes knife
Did you ever see
Such a sight in your life
As three OC blind mice?


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On-Duty Sheriff Dead After Molestation Charges Surface
Gerald Stenger, 41, Aliso Viejo, an on-duty deputy of the Orange County Sheriff's Department (OCSD) was found dead yesterday after charges were filed against him for molesting a 12-year-old boy for two years more than a decade ago after meeting the victim...

OC Board of Supervisors Full Of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing!
The Orange County Board of supervisors came into the current term with a fiery agenda rivaled only by Senator?s Obama?s spiritual advisor?s Wright ?s rhetoric - ?Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, the creeps in this petty county come to roost from...

A Chat with OC Sheriff Department Candidate: Craig Hunter
What the OCSD needs is a new leader with a proven track record in law enforcement who will be a strong role model, lead by example with integrity and provide a new vision of teamwork and accountability - Hunter

A Chat with OC Sheriff Candidates: Kevin Keyes
The first and most important priority is to restore honor to the office that was taken by its last office holder- Kevin Keyes

Winter Cleaning at the OCSD Continues
The fallout of Sheriff Carona?s resignation continued to unfold Friday, as his former second-in-command, Assistant Sheriff Jo Ann Galisky was released, and Assistant Sheriff Steve Bishop, head of investigations, announced his immediate retirement

A Chat with OC Sheriff Candidates - Coto de Caza's Own Ralph Martin
We have offered the seven identified OC Sheriff candidates; Jack Anderson, Bill Hunt, Craig Hunter, Kevin Keyes, Ralph Martin, Ken Maddox and Paul Walters, the CotoBuzz Journal as a platform to communicate with their respective potential supports. We...

OC Sheriff personnel not criminally liable in death of Chamberlain- OCDA
OCDA Tony Rackauckas announced today the conclusion of the criminal portion of a grand jury investigation into the beating murder of inmate, John Chamberlain and the indictment against three former inmates. Nine former inmates, in total now, face murder...









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