April  2008 ISSUE

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OC Board of Supervisors Full Of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing!

March 19 2008  

The Orange County Board of supervisors came into the current term with a fiery agenda rivaled only by Senator’s Obama’s  spiritual advisor’s Wright ‘s rhetoric -  “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, the creeps in this petty county come to roost  from day to day, as if to  the last syllable of recorded time, but we are here to stop that”, they seemed to say.

On Friday, July 20, 2007 the supervisors declared that sheriff deputies pensions are illegal.  Supervisor John Moorlach, long a union critic, announced his plan to cut pension benefits retroactively paid to members of the sheriff's deputies union by arguing they are an illegal gratuity that must be rescinded.  Such action placed the sheriff's deputies on the defensive and triggered a legal battle with potential statewide ramification.

Then in August 2007,  Supervisor John Moorlach accuses long time friend and now OC Treasurer-Tax Collector Chriss Street of falsifying documents document to cover up an improper award process on a contract to a private company and asks him to resign or else the board will force him to resign.  Not only does Street refuse to step down, but earlier this week a British court ruling placed a complex $80 million investment by Treasurer Street in receivership. The  ruling indicates O.C. won't get anything back until 75 other investors are paid.

Earlier the Supervisors fought Sheriff Carona on oversight panel culminating February 5, 2008 where the supervisors approved the creation of the  Office of Independent Review spearheaded by Supervisor John Moorlach , in the wake of inmate Chamberlain’s beating death.  Interim Sheriff Sheriff Jack Anderson has endorsed the plan, echoing reasoning used by Carona stating that the department already has procedures in place to record deputies' interactions with the public and inmates.

Recently the board of supervisors turned to more important maters, such as the reorganization and re-naming plan including the renaming  of the county’s dumps and libraries.  Instead of the OC Dumps, these are to be known as OC Water Management and OC Public Libraries respectively.

Let’s not forget Supervisor Moorlach passionate plea for a much-deserved pay increase in July 2007.

Annual compensation received by each member of the Orange County Board of Supervisors:

Base salary:



OCTA stipend:









Stipends for other agency boards supervisors might sit on:

Toll road

Sanitation district

Fire Authority






All in all, seems like the Orange County Board of Supervisors came into this term full of Sound and Fury – signifying nothing!








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