March 2008 ISSUE

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A Chat with OC Sheriff  Candidates:  Ralph Martin

OCSD priorities: Restructuring the top brass. Fewer Assistant Sheriff's and more management accountability through the Law Enforcement "COMSTAT" system- Commander R. Martin.

February 23 2008

We have offered the seven identified OC Sheriff candidates; Jack Anderson, Bill Hunt, Craig Hunter, Kevin Keyes, Ralph Martin,  Ken Maddox and Paul Walters,  the CotoBuzz Journal as a platform to communicate with their respective potential supports.  We have also posed to them a number of questions we shall be publishing their responses in the order we receive them.

Following is a virtual chat with candidate Ralph Martin

CBJ:        Do you agree that the OCSD needs a corporate culture extreme makeover?  

RM:    No question, there needs to be a wholesale change in leadership, much like when a new CEO is appointed to a corporation and makes sweeping changes. The investors want some positive return. In this case, rather than a profit, the residents of OC want public trust restored.

CBJ:        What are your  priorities for the OCSD if selected?

RM:  Priorities : Restructuring the top brass. Fewer Assistant Sheriff's and more management accountability through the Law Enforcement "COMSTAT" system. (too long to describe here)

CBJ:  What/who is your biggest obstacle to getting the post?  

RM: Biggest obstacle to being appointed? I'm a Dodger fan. Although I really like/admire Mike Scocia. My 34+ yrs in the largest Sheriff's Department in the country, having help run the largest jail system, help cities with contracting with the LA Sheriff's Dept, and currently overseeing 2.000 personnel with an annual operating budget of $240 million, should at least give me an edge over all the other known candidates.

CBJ :  What do you see as  the main problems with the Orange County Board of Supervisors and the OCDA?  

LACSD Commander Ralph Martin

RM:   Problems with the BOS and DA? This is difficult, since I really have no current interaction with either entity. However, I am a consensus builder and work hard at ensuring others who can help with Law Enforcement are not left out of the loop. Twenty First Century law enforcement is about utilizing local, state and federal assistance with help from local clergy, business and education.

If you think that Ralph Martin  is the right person for position, be sure to write your Orange County Supervisor and send the CotoBuzz Journal a copy of your request.

For Commander Ralph Martin's CV, click here.

Orange County Board of Supervisors:  Contact Information

Supervisor Janet Nguyen
Supervisor, First District
Phone: 714.834.3110
Fax: 714.834.5754
Supervisor John Moorlach
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Phone: 714.834.3220
Fax: 714.834.6109

Supervisor Bill Campbell
Supervisor, Third District
Phone: (714) 834-3330
Fax: (714) 834-2786

Supervisor Chris Norby
Supervisor - 4th District
Phone: 714.834.3440
Fax: 714.834.2045
Supervisor Patricia C. Bates
Vice Chairperson
Supervisor, 5th District
Phone 714.834.3550
Fax: 714.834.2670

OC Sheriff Candidates






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