April  2008 ISSUE

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Coto de Caza's New Math in 2008 Elections

March 14 2008

I am familiar with a number of advanced math concept this one I cannot figure out.

  • If 70% of the members who voted support Direct Popular Elections, and

  • 69% of Delegates who voted support Direct Popular Elections and

  • If  the majority on the Board supports Direct Popular Elections, and

  • The Coto de Caza (CZ) board of directors supported-media determined everything was above board, even though critics say the reported did not get the story right 

"The story that I saw from Mark Eades (OCR)  is really incorrect.  He did not get it right.  What he should have said is that in spite of overwhelming support for Direct Popular Elections in Coto, the developer installed governing documents, which were intentionally designed to disenfranchise CZ Homeowner/Members prevented the passage of the initiative.  He should have gone on to report that 70% of homeowners who voted were in favor of the amendment and that 69% of Delegates present also voted to support the Amendment", writes Joseph Morabito, former member CZ master association board of directors

Why did the Direct Popular Elections amendment failed?  Is this some sort of New CZ Math?  Is this incompetent legal counsel?  Is it an incompetent board?

For a simple minded resident if the figures above are correct, it would have been rather simple and inexpensive to compose a Direct Popular Elections amendment without any delegate involvement yet this was not done

Real Simple.  The Amendment failed because that  Bob Varo led a small group of Delegates to oppose it.  And that cabal was just enough to have this particular vote fall below 1,787 votes cast by the Delegates that would have been needed to pass it.  The vote was 1,381 in favor, however it is critical to understand that just a few more Delegates at the meeting would have done it.  That is why the Board should schedule the DO OVER to get it done during the May election in keeping with the will of the people and to avoid the litigation that will otherwise occur.  Joseph Morabito, former member CZ master association board of directors


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