June 2008 ISSUE

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the LA Times, the Orange County Register and CID/HOA board of directors and report the facts!

The Devil Made me Do It - Blame it on the Loopholes


May 10 2008                     

During Thursday’s CZ Master Association’s Candidate’s Night designed for Coto de Caza residents to meet the candidates running for two seats on the CZ Master board, the first question mischaracterized our position,  asking an either or question:  “Buzz says the CZ board is handling elections illegally, the board says it is legal – which is it”?.  Our response made it clear that the California Law passed in 2006, which we lobbied for, was designed to bring direct democracy to common interest developments, and we want the CZ association to meet the letter and the spirit of the law.  Apparently the person asking the question was not well versed in common interest development issues, or was simply trying to mislead the audience or the candidates.

In responding to the question, Dr. Channing, echoing Obaman positions  previously expressed during the Varo/Mezger administration stated he supported the current delegate system, critics call corrupt, because there is only a small group of volunteers who get involved in managing the affairs of the association anyway.

A degringolade then happened as Madame president stretched the law of attribution to its limits stating that the reason the CZ Master association does not have direct popular elections is due to loopholes in the aforementioned California law, echoing  former Enron chairman and chief executive Kenneth Lay’s defense – it is in the loopholes stupid!

And folks, the notion of requiring a Quorum and Meetings in keeping with our current Delegate system to hold Board elections is all a bunch of baloney.   I own three properties involving HOA’s and we just vote by mail.  There is no meeting or quorum requirement designed to disenfranchise Members who are paying all the bills.  This is just another road block to direct popular elections that is nonsense.   Joseph Morabito, former member CZ Master Associaiton


District Delegates Responsible for 2008-2009 CZ Board of Directors





1 / 53 votes

Ranchos Colinas (sub-association)

Steve Masler

2 / 107 votes

The Forest/Tiara/The Arbours/Lyon

George Thagard

3 / 120 votes

The Terrace (sub-association)

Ronald Goulden

4 / 39 votes

Grand Coto II

Angela Schiffman

5 / 77 votes

Coto Country Homes

Chris Lange 
Alternate: Darrell Starnes


6 / 72 votes

Fairway Oaks (sub-association)

Karen Martin

7 / 113 votes

East Hills/East Point

Robert Alberts

8 / 72 votes

Los Verdes (sub-association)

Marilyn Carrabino 
Alternate: Marc Coody

9 / 92 votes


Xochitl Yocham
Alternate: Ken Nowak

10 / 128 votes


Andrea Owen

11 / 43 votes

The Trails/Master Collection

Terry Corwin  

12 / 50 votes


Corey Ferguson

13 / 121 votes


Elizabeth Zipperman
Alternate: Barbara Stewart

14 / 93 votes

The Greens

Debbie White

15 / 100 votes

The Woods/Arroyo Sur

Roy Allen
Alternate: Gay Allan

16 / 62 votes

Fairway Estates

Peter Roth

17 / 62 votes


Preston Walrath

19 / 90 votes

The Classics

Andrew Holzmann

20 / 94 votes


Lyle Schlieder

21 / 58 votes

Canyon Estates

Robert Curran

22 / 26 votes

The Legacy/Enclave/Stonefield Estates


23 / 71 votes

The Pinnacle

Arlene Kraft

24 / 61 votes

Greystone Villas (sub-association)

Don Wegner

Alternate: Joel Hillabrant

25 / 104 votes

Andalusia (sub-association)


26 / 82 votes

Oak Ridge

Ben DiPane

27 / 106 votes


Steve Foster

28 / 56 votes

Glen Eagles


29 / 88 votes


Bill Bushek

30 / 64 votes


Bob Grich

31 / 89 votes

Grand Coto Estates/Part of Atherton/Part of Weatherly

Lea Ann Miller

32 / 52 votes

Part of Southern Hills/Fairway Reflections

Jerry Scanlan

33 / 90 votes


WoWolfgang Greinke

34 / 74 votes

Crooked Oak


35 / 49 votes


Terry Kwit

36 / 68 votes

Part of Atherton/Part of Weatherly

Roger Jolicoeur

37 / 67 votes

Southern Hills Encore

Vincent Hylka

38 / 65 votes


Nick Newsom

39 / 74 votes

Silver Creek

Mary Spicer

40 / 77 votes


Tracy Fortier

41 / 81 votes

Spring Hill/Chatham

Joan Walters

42 / 69 votes

Stonefield Private Collection/San Marino

Michael Wolder

43 / 81 votes

Oak Knoll

Su Walcher

44 / 97 votes

Oak View

Mitch Hill


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During last night?s CZ Candidate?s Night, we made the point that an organization cannot manage what it cannot measure. Further, we posited the need to include a Closed Loop Corrective Action System (CLCA), as a means to assure transparency and...

Coto de Caza's Candidate's Night Meeting Minutes
Tonight, the CZ board of directors opened a meeting scheduled to introduce the five candidates for the 2008-2009 CZ board of directors. Although the meeting was riddled with vacuous alternatives, two issues dominated the discussion: Direct elections and...

Russian Vote Credibility Takes Hit – Coto de Caza Elections Have None- According to Wall Street Journal’s reporter Andrew Osborn, “Leading international election observers said they have scrapped a plan to monitor Russia’s parliamentary vote next month because of unprecedented restrictions”.  President Vladimir Putin is seeking international stamp of approval on these elections to remain influential on the world stage even after his presidential term expires.

Is Malintzin in our midst (Coto de Caza's Puppet Board?) - or is it the Treasonator?
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Bringing in Hugo Chavez to Coto de Caza to negotiate the release of direct democracy is like asking President Clinton to help clean up the DC Intern program!
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Call for Coto de Caza Board Candidates - Any One But Varo/Mezger - Traditionally, the Coto de Caza elections are shrouded in secrecy, but has been ratcheted a few notches after Varo/Mezger showed up on the scene circa 2003.  To add salt to the wound, there were a good number of irregularities during the 2006 elections

Breaking News: Assassin in Coto de Caza! ? Political that isX
Is this a case of Veni, Vedi, Vinci, or simply Vince, Brucy, Vince? - with Varo/Mezger pulling the strings in the background!
The CZ Master Association board of directors has been so dysfunctional since Messrs Varo and Mezger joined, that it is...

The CZ Master Association's YOH Board
Now that Zipperman has resigned as president of the CZ board and Yocham has been appointed president, will the new board be known as the Yo Hylka board, or simply the YOH board?

The May 2006 issue of the Coto de Caza President’s Letter contains an error that can have a significant impact on the 2006 board of director’s election:
The message reads in part “The newly elected Delegates from the 45 CZ Master...

Blatant manipulation of 2006 CZ Master Association Elections Continues
When the May 2006 issue of the CA Master Association President's Letter contained erroneous information regarding the number of remaining candidates for the board of directors, we published an errata and called on those responsible for managing the...


The annual Coto de Caza Shakespearean Festival kicks off May 11, 2006, with the adaptation Macbeth by none other than the Board of Directors’ President, The Baro himself.
In this Shakespearean classic, Macbeth is about a noble warrior who gets caught...

[COTO] CZ Elections - Still More Games: Wake Up Coto & Smell The Schemes
In CJ Klug's Newsletter comments this month he indicated that even with the new laws that will go into effect governing HOA elections after July, 2006 that we will still have to deal with Delegates, Cumulative Voting, Quorums etc. That is just a big...

 The New and Improved OCSD ? Letter to Orange County Supervisor Pate Bates
To: OC Board of Supervisors, Ms Pat BatesAs you may know, the CotoBuzz Journal is committed to public safety.To that end, for the last five years we have worked with the CHP, the OCSD the FBI and the Department of Justice developing what we refer to as...

Dangerous Coto de Caza Roads and Intersections
The changing Coto de Caza demographics have had a major impact on the collision pattern as shown below. Whereas for the period from 2000 through November 2004, 75% of the collisions in the community involved three roads, current collision distribution...

Coto de Caza, 2Q2007 CHP Collision Summary
The newly elected CZ Master Association Board of directors? president has vowed to improve the relationship between the board and CHP management, a minimum requirement in order to increase the CHP traffic patrol to at least 2006 levels. We think that...

1Q2007 Coto de Caza Crime and Vandalism Report
A comparison between the 1Q2006 and 1Q2007 Crime and Vandalism reports shows that a favorite Coto de Caza crime is fraud, that the Peter Pan Syndrome continues to be alive and well (crime is evenly distributed between kids and adults) and a criminal...

Teen Hacker Endangers Lake Forest Couple
According to the Orange County DA, Randall Ellis, 19, Mulkiteo, WA, is charged with one felony count of computer access and fraud, two felony counts of false imprisonment by violence, one misdemeanor count of falsely reporting a crime, and two felony...

CZ Master Association CC&R Violator's List
We continue to receive a flurry of complaints from Coto residents regarding soliciting and door-to-door distribution of service sales literature, including maid, painting, landscaping, remodeling, (etc.)

The Maturing of Coto de Caza-Coto de Caza is no longer GRUP City!
Age distribution in the crime & vandalism and collision statistics for Coto de Caza, indicate that an underage person is as likely to be involved in a crime or collision within Coto, as is a senior citizen. This fact has led us to the conclusion that...

The CotoBuzz Journal March 2007
Public Safety - A Job For the Gendarmerie Royale Du Coto de Caza! A Tribute to Mr. Morteza Manian On the First Anniversary of His Tragic Death

The CotoBuzz Journal February 2007
The Enemy Within Coto Caza: The CHP - CZ BODs

CHP DOES ITS JOB – CZ BOARD PLEASE DO YOURS! -  Despite the public abuse the CHP has received from the Coto de Caza board of directors ever since the board was coerced into bringing the CHP back for pro-active traffic patrol, figures indicate that the CHP is doing its job:  Trend for accident rate is down and close to pre-firing levels.   Just as important, the number of Coto residents arrested for DUI is down. See chart below for actual accident rate.

Law Enforcement – Evil, Necessary Evil, Or Noble Profession and Role Model? In open societies, we posit that law enforcement follows Winstren’s Law:  Law Enforcement Goes Where it is Needed and Stays Where it is Wanted








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