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August  2007 Issue

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the LA Times, the Orange County Register and the Coto de Caza Board of directors and report the facts!


Retired Deputy Sheriff’s Illegals? -  Pensions that is.

August 1, 2007

In a unanimous vote, the Orange County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday July 31, 2007 voted to look into the legality of pensions paid retired Sheriff’s deputies.  The move could allow the sups to cut millions in pension costs and set a precedent that could be followed by local governments statewide.

Not surprising, Sheriff Mike Carona and union representatives opposed the supervisor’s move, arguing the benefits are not only legal, but supervisors had a moral responsibility to uphold a commitment made to deputies.

Critics have charged the OCBS’s move as being politically motivated,  citing OCBS president Moorlach's  proposal to create an oversight board for the Sheriff’s Department, and Moorlach’s election to the board last year opposed by a union-backed candidate.  However, supervisor Pat Bates beat out Cassie Young, due in part to union-backing.


CHP Public Arrest WE9-24 and the Varo For Mayor Flawed Arguments
With more than a few data points under Coto’s belt, we can officially declare that there is a positive downward trend in the number of Coto residents arrested by the CHP since we started this report!

Coto de Caza Truth Or Consequences
Earlier this morning we spent close to two hours with Mayor of the City of Laguna Nigel Cathryn DeYoung & Candidate for Orange County Supervisor, Fifth District  and Lt. Col. Bill Kogerman. 

Coto de Caza Supplier Performance Management Performance
Given Keystone’s, private security company and the myriad of consultant’s track record, we repeatedly asked the board to use our supplier performance metrics or come up with their own.
Finally the board’s response was: “If...

Caza Board of Directors and Pat Bates Make a GREAT TEAM! - The South Orange County Welfare Services Leadership Board
The Coto de Caza subsidizes the Estates and the Villages at the tune of over $1,000,000/year.Pat Bates voted to raise pensions to public employees by a whopping 50% (SB 400).  This Bill set the stage for the 3% at 50 benefit package that...

Coto de Caza's Robert Varo For Mayor, The OCR and Pat Bates Common Denominator?
Pat Bates' (Candidadate for Orange County Board of Supervisors) claim to fame according to her website is that "She was the driving force behind Laguna Niguel's cityhood campaign and became the first Mayor upon the city's incorporation in 1989."

Invitation to Attend the Coto de Caza Pat Bates Celebration September 28, 2006
In preparation for Pat Bates’ appearance in Coto de Caza, September 28, 2006, CotoBuzz is preparing a list of questions we plan to ask her. The questions below have been sent to her office for review.
If you are planning to attend the reception,...

At the risk of pulling an OCR’s Sickler (attempting to impersonate a reporter by presenting “news” with no factual information to support these news), we are starting to see what appears to be a trend: A reduction in Coto residents...

The Broken CZipper and Mezger’s POLP Rain
These (see email below from former Coto de Caza board of directors, Joe Morabito) are clear indications of an out of control board:Generally, the rights of homeowners include the right to participate in meetings of the board of directors and to be heard,...















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