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August  2007 Issue

We do not make jokes, we simply watch the LA Times, the Orange County Register and the Coto de Caza Board of directors and report the facts!


Coto de Caza, 2Q2007 CHP Collision Summary

 July 21, 2007

The newly elected CZ Master Association Board of directors’ president has vowed to improve the relationship between the board and CHP management, a minimum requirement in order to increase the CHP traffic patrol to at least  2006 levels.  We think that the proper term is to mend the relationship destroyed during the Varo/Mezger years.

The 2Q2007 CHP collision report shows that despite the lowest figures on record for pro-active traffic patrol in the community since the Varo/Mezger administration fired the CHP without a suitable alternative, the number of traffic accidents continued to drop to 20 on an annualized basis.  The figures for 2Q2007 include 2 injury traffic collisions and 3 property damage-only. One of the collisions is attributed to a DUI.

Thankfully the 2Q2007 CHP collision report buys the Zipperman/Yocham board some time to mend the relationship with the CHP in hopes that the collision rate will drop to  the pre-firing of the CHP levels.


1Q2007 Coto de Caza Crime and Vandalism Report
A comparison between the 1Q2006 and 1Q2007 Crime and Vandalism reports shows that a favorite Coto de Caza crime is fraud, that the Peter Pan Syndrome continues to be alive and well (crime is evenly distributed between kids and adults) and a criminal...

The CotoBuzz Journal May 2007
CHP in Coto - Big Mouth CZ Bob- By Joseph Morabito, former member CZ Master Association Board of DirectorsHello All: I have heard that CHP officers are not volunteering to work in Coto even for the time and a half pay they would earn. So, we are not even...

The Varo anti-CHP Sentiment continues: CHP GO HOME, KEEP OUT OF OUR DUIs!
The Coto de Caza gates, including the automated ones are as reliable as the public utilities in the outskirts of Baghdad, yet the association continues paying for services barely-rendered, no questions asked.

The CotoBuzz Journal March 2007
Public Safety - A Job For the Gendarmerie Royale Du Coto de Caza! A Tribute to Mr. Morteza Manian On the First Anniversary of His Tragic Death

The CotoBuzz Journal February 2007
The Enemy Within Coto Caza: The CHP - CZ BODs

CHP DOES ITS JOB – CZ BOARD PLEASE DO YOURS! -  Despite the public abuse the CHP has received from the Coto de Caza board of directors ever since the board was coerced into bringing the CHP back for pro-active traffic patrol, figures indicate that the CHP is doing its job:  Trend for accident rate is down and close to pre-firing levels.   Just as important, the number of Coto residents arrested for DUI is down. See chart below for actual accident rate.

Law Enforcement – Evil, Necessary Evil, Or Noble Profession and Role Model? In open societies, we posit that law enforcement follows Winstren’s Law:  Law Enforcement Goes Where it is Needed and Stays Where it is Wanted
















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