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April 30, 2006    


The current Coto de Caza board of directors came to power with the help of non-resident Paul Young.   Young is executive vice president with the CRI.  CRI has been accused in the past of financial irregularities, which allegedly triggered an investigation by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).   A brief Internet search of CRI, yields a large number of hits, including the ones listed below:

Public Service Announcement – OPERA PACIFICA  

Until a few weeks ago, Paul Young was still listed in the CZ Master Association web site as chairman of the Delegate and Other committee, even though we communicated directly with those responsible for maintaining the site, that it was not being properly maintained.   When Mr. Young was still residing in Coto, contrary to statute, he was allowed to count votes (only an inspector is allowed this), allowed use of association facilities (we were denied access to hold a Security Town Hall Meeting).  Mr. Young also worked with the current board to expand the term “community”, to initiate a failed Delegate Stacking amendment scheme – all of this from a person who has nothing to lose.


We advised the board to refrain from hiring a security consultant, as the only practical application would be to use the consultant to  manipulate the 


Orange Country Register – our words turned to be prophetic.  More appalling, since the same board hired, then fired a volunteer public safety committee composed of concerned volunteer Coto residents – The reason:  They would note give their free speech rights and refused to put the board’s personal agenda’s over the community’s public safety.

We have also written volumes about service providers having lost their moral compass, simply to do as told by the board.

It should be clear to all that the only ones responsible for any good or bad decision the board makes as a result of a non-resident’s input or service provider is not them, but Coto residents.


  Now the board in addition to bringing in overly paid and underperforming consultants and service providers, want to bring in-- again – non-homeowners to stuff the ballots in committees – while they systematical have denied independent minded residents a chance to volunteer in a number of committees.


Metzger in his typical response to our public safety concerns asks the following question:  Do you guys really take our residents as dumb enough not to see through this?”

An objective view of the current boards legacy would have to be, but of course, Coto residents are dumb.  However, we firmly believe that it is not cognitive skills that is at issue, but the board’s systematic approach to mis-inform and mislead.

Public Service Announcement- LAGUNA PLAYHOUSE



Partial Results of Google Internet Search for Young, Hanegraaf and CRI


Weblog: Postal Service Denies Hanegraaff Fundraising Letter ...

CRI executive vice president Paul Young sticks by the letter, saying there ... Young Christian men 'are sexually active' | A research report has found that ...


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Thinklings » 2003 » July

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stitute (CRI) and Hank Hanegraaff. Apologetics Index. ... - 38k - Supplemental Result - Cached - Similar pages Bible Answer Man (Hank Hanegraaff) - Today's Broadcast

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Paul Young, executive vice president with the CRI said that they were able to ... Mail Fraud Investigation Launched Against CRI and Leader Hank Hanegraaff. ... - 28k


Walter Martin's Religious InfoNet - CRI Connection



Postal Service Denies Hanegraaff Fundraising Letter Regarding Lost ...

... CRI executive vice president Paul Young sticks by the letter ... fill a postal bag." Longtime CRI critic Bill ... US Postal Service, alleging that Hanegraaf's letter is ... - 12k -


Godlike Productions -- Confusion On End-Times Nonsense

Sparks also alleged Hanegraaff used CRI´s confidential donor mailing list for ... Mail fraud and wire fraud were said to be involved, including the illegal ... showdate=2/11/06&messageid=118291&mpage=1 - 83k


Postal Inspectors Continue Mail Fraud Review of CRI

Alleged CRI - Hanegraaff Mail Fraud Case Going Nowhere -- For Now ... problems -- alleged wife abandonment -- of Hanegraaff's right hand man, Paul Young) ... - 49k



On January 20 and 21, he spoke with CRI executives Paul Young and John Stoffel ... CRI paid Kathy Hanegraaff, Hank's wife, $3141 for miscellaneous personal ... - 84k


 World Magazine Blog: Comment on Mail mystery

... messages above really an alias for Hank Hanegraaff or Paul Young at CRI? ... Lavonne's name only appears in various reviews praising Hank Hanegraaff or agreeing ... mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=12159 - 30k - Supplemental


CRI Provides Evidence to Dispute Claims of Mail Fraud Launched by ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
mistakenly received CRI mail at least once. In his letter, Hanegraaff reported, “…To ... Vice President) Paul (Young) went over there and picked it up. ...





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