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Blatant manipulation of 2006 CZ Master Association Elections Continues

May 2, 2006    


When the May 2006 issue of the CA Master Association President’s Letter contained erroneous information regarding the number of remaining candidates for the board of directors, we published an errata and called on those responsible for managing the process to not only make the necessary corrections, but to let all the district delegates know, so that independent candidates of the board may have a fair shot.  Knowing full well the motives behind these actions, we also predicted the excuse that would be used to justify publishing erroneous information:  The excuse, we stated, would be to blame the withdrawing candidates that they had not followed protocol to withdraw – this of course coming from the same individuals who meddled in the election process by soliciting proxies and delegates favoring the current board. 


When we called for invalidating the “inactive delegates”, who really turn out to be hit and run delegates, the same people cited statue and regulation, as if they knew them AND followed them


Now the Notice of Annual Meeting & Candidate’s Night dated April 28, 2006, STILL has the original six candidates listed.  Implications?  Votes that could go to independent candidates Yocham and Olson, will now be wasted on two candidates who have long withdrawn from the race!


Funny how every single action taken by those managing the CZ electoral process favors the status quo – or is it simply a conspiracy theory?

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Remember the sleazy 2005 CZ Board election.  Sean Larkin who missed more than 50% of Board meetings and had probably already moved or was in the process of moving, remained on the Board, voted in the election as a Delegate and then resigned a week or two later to deny the one candidate who ran against this corrupt, incompetent CZ Board a Board seat.  Does anyone believe that George Thagard, running for reelection, Bob Varo, Jerry Mezger and Mitch Hill were not involved in this sleazy, scheme and election manipulation.  If you believe otherwise, I have some "Free" mature trees to sell you.   So what we are seeing in 2006 is nothing new and to be expected.  Joe Morabito


P.S.  Our suppliers have a vested interest in the status quo.  All the high priced Consultants and over paid Klug are feeding at the trought thankes to this incompetent CZ Board.  And, Varo & Company have not gone out to bid for property management services in more than five years which means fees higher than necessary




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