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It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know: Work in the Information Age
Article argues that in the information age, personal social networks are replacing the traditional business networks.
May 2000 - First Monday

Personnel Connections
By moving select HR functions onto the Web, a growing number of companies are discovering the benefits of letting employees help themselves.
December 1, 1998 - CIO WebBusiness

Tools for Teamwork
Organizations turn to the Internet to share employee expertise.
December 1, 1998 - CIO WebBusiness

Over the Line
Increasingly, successful Web development requires redrafting--or even erasing--traditional functional boundaries.
March 1, 1998 - CIO WebBusiness

On-Line Forums: New Platforms for Professional Development and Group Collaboration
A study conducted on the effectiveness of expert discussion forums.
December 1, 1997 - JCMC

Wary of Groupware?
A brief overview of groupware.
November 15, 1997 - CIO Enterprise

Concepts of Collaboration.
White paper from the Information Technology 'summIT' held in Columbus, Ohio

Creating a Collaboratory in Cyberspace: Theoretical Foundation and an Implementation
White paper from Graduate School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin.

Center for Coordination Science (CCS)
MIT/Sloan - This website defines coordination science as '...developing coordination technology, computer tools to help people work together more effectively, and coordination theory, theories of how coordination can occur in a variety of systems such as human organizations, markets, and computer networks.' There are white papers and descriptions of ongoing research.

Resources by Diamond Bullet Design. A great site that includes an introduction (includes social components), applications, design, and resource links.

Project at NCSA (The National Center for Supercomputing Applications), Groupware-based applications created using Java for sharing Java objects with colleagues across the Internet.





The Evolution of the Business Operating System


Intranets: The Way to a Wider Tomorrow


Intranets: Into the Mainstream


Vendors at AIIM show adjust to Internet/intranet world (link to InfoWorld)


The Magna Carta of the Intranet (link to Intranet Design Magazine)





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