Selected Applications

Amadeus International - Web Enabled Integrated Management System Software Solutions.  Amadeus develops and markets software solutions that help companies to implement, organize and continuously improve their compliance management
systems certifiable to standards such as ISO 9001:2000 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment) and/or OHSAS 18001 (health & safety).

ABC Academy 2000  -
A standard product for creating, managing and distributing corporate and academic e-Learning.

  AskMe Enterprise  -
An enterprise solution that enables corporations to capture their employees' tacit knowledge, catalog their expertise, and enable anyone within the organization to retrieve and exchange knowledge.
  ASP Campus  -
Software tools to create and manage an online campus complete with course content, text based student records, and grade reports.
  Awake Interactive Learning Systems, LLC  -
Developer of custom web based training and web delivered multimedia training. Better than CBT training, custom Internet based training provides for a flexible and scalable learning tool.
  a2zclass  -
A business solution for creating and managing online learning environments.
  Boniva Software  -
E-learning infrastructure solutions with customizable and comprehensive functionality and flexibility via its industry leading VELOCITY Platform.
  @campus, Inc.  -
Provides web-based class scheduling, online student registration, and bookstore e-commerce infrastructure for educational communities and training institutions.
  Cisco Learning Institute  -
A section corporation supporting public charities which promote or provide technology education. The CLI e-Learning Solution offers authoring, delivery and management tools for online personalized learning.
  Computer Training Direct  -
Provides a broad selection of video and computer-based training courses relating to Office, Novell, Windows, MCSE, A+ and other Microsoft Certifications.
  Courses by Wire  -
Courses by Wire offers web based training development and mangaged course hosting.
  Dennis Tester  -
Specializing in the design and development of interactive web-based learning systems.
  D.I.Y Home Networking  -
A fully illustrated step-by-step guide in home networking. Includes advance networking information for those heading towards MCSE.
  DKSystems Online  -
DKSystems develops OnTrack for Training and OnTrack Online, AICC compliant learning management software for the enterprise.
  Docent, Inc.  -
Provides internet technology for learning and knowledge exchange.
  Dover Software  -
Software solutions that provide teachers and trainers with the tools to create a distance learning program.  -
A full suite of software and services that enable institutions and corporations to deliver online education and training. The company's online course manager is the most full-featured and user-friendly in the industry. Clients enjoy 24/7/365 student/instructor technical helpdesk support, hosting, and marketing services. Optional student services are available.
  eLearningKit  -
The eLearningKit provides tools to help you integrate customized course content into a proven instructional design that maximizes media for different learning styles.
  ePath Learning  -
Supplier of eLearning infrastructure tools that empower subject matter experts and training professionals to quickly and easily build, distribute and manage WBT courses.
  EPPIK  -
Improves professional performance while decreasing operating expenses through our virtual learning environments.
  e-train  -
Our Web-based training technology provides continuous online learning for career success.
  ExamPlanner  -
ASP service for the creation of examination timetables for academic institutions worldwide, especially universities.
  EZTracker  -
Software by Pro-ductivity Systems to track training activities by learner or by course, or to obtain history.
  FlexTraining  -
Provider of flexible Web Based training systems. Your company or organization can build, deliver, and manage courses over the Internet or your Intranet.
  Generative Resources  -
Links and services to help organizations realize the benefits of collaborative technologies.
  Gyrus Systems  -
Provides training and learning management systems, a corporate university, and software for online enrollment and skills management.
  Hippo Software Inc.  -
Canada based developers of CBTs, WBTs, and E-learning sites, for both private and public sectors. est. 1993.
  Hosted Test  -
Web-based software application enables online administration of tests and exams to students anywhere in the world.
  ILIAS  -
An open source platform for web based training, authoring, information access and cooperative work.
  INTECH Interactive Technologies  -
Custom elearning products for human resource needs, such as new employee orientation. Includes online testing and tracking.
  Intellicue  -
Web-based assessment, task profiling, and brainpower tools for corporate, schools and individual use.
  Interact! Multimedia Corp.  -
Interact! Multimedia specializes in creating computer based training applications for your training needs. Request a demo today!
  Interactive Media Corporation  -
Performance support systems, and online learning programs. Deliver e-learning solutions to make frontline employees better performers.
  InterWise Millennium  -
Global developer of live eLearning products. Distance learning software and services for training over the internet.
  IntraLearn  -
E-learning platforms to midsize enterprises, corporations, and colleges. Resold and supported worldwide by Authorized IntraLearn Resellers.
  ISOtrain by Softekpr  -
ISOtrain Training management software. Tracks, schedules, and organizes the training process required to comply with regulatory requirements like FDA and ISO 9000.

JDH ERP Software Systems and Solutions  Windows based real time (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Systems, and Solutions for mid-market companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries

  Knowlagent  -
Improves customer service through its non-disruptive e-Learning platform, empowering customer contact agents to intelligently respond to consumer queries and anticipate future needs.
  Knowledge Impact  -
Knowledge Impact is a leading provider of end-user e-learning and performance support solutions for enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP.  -
Web-based corporate training and knowledge management solutions.
  Learnframe, Inc  -
Develops the Pinnacle Learning Manager (PLM) and other e-learning training management solutions that allow distribution and management of online learning.
  The Learning Manager  -
Complete software solution for development, delivery, and management of online learning. WIN also publishes comprehensive WorkKeys training textbooks and CD-ROMs.
  LearningSoft  -
Dedicated to developing educational game experiences for the Spanish-speaking Internet market.
  LearnLinc Corporation  -
Online Training solutions using a live, interactive, virtual classroom carried over the Internet, corporate or university intranets, or wide area network environments.
  LearnWright, LLC  -
LearnWright is a business-to-business e-learning and training solutions company, targeting the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.
  Lectra  -
Educational Software and Customizable Online English Composition Courses.
  Link-Systems International inc.  -
Distance learning software, specializing in mathematical, scientific, technical and medical material. Run online tutoring, live chat and discussion boards.
  LUVIT AB (Publ)  -
Flexible server software for e-learning. The software is an open back-office product, based on MS NT/SQL. It is currently available in 10 languages.
  NetBoomerang  -
Web-based training administration and management system. Schedule courses, instructors and register students on-line.
  Netucate Online  -
Helps companies set up online courses for employees and clients.
  Online Expert  -
A hybrid next generation delivery infrastructure and e-learning platform from LearnKey.
  Online Learning Ltd  -
Provider of online learning solutions to meet educational and business needs using the latest Internet technologies, and currently offer a wide range of online courses.  -
Buy testing and quizzing resources for subjects like Perl and JavaScript online. Hosting facilities also provided for those who can't or don't want to set it up themselves.
  Pedagogue Solutions  -
On-line browser-based training systems including testing, campus and library.
  Peer3  -
Offers an XML-based system that integrates web-based training and knowledge management through a central database, providing personalized learning on the Web.
  Pinnacle Multimedia  -
The Pinnacle Learning Manager is the only automation software designed to launch and collect data from virtually any CBT as well as manage all other forms of training.
  rapidLD  -
A professional services and consulting partnership developed to help organizations select and deploy learning solutions.
  RISC  -
Training management software including on-line enrollment, testing, forecasting and records management.
  Saba Software, Inc.  -
Provides human capital development and management solutions.
  ScholarWorks  -
Electronic Education Foundation, Ltd develops software products and Internet sites in exclusive support of the educational industry.
  Schoolspace  -
Browser-based school administration system for schools and districts.
  Serf  -
Serf is a Web-based distance education environment developed at the University of Delaware providing the means to deliver courses anywhere in the world.
  Simtrex  -
Provider of online simulation training for customer contact centers.
  Skills2Go  -
A browser-based series of products that give users instant reference to all of the most useful features of the most popular software.
  SkillSpace  -
A web based training system allowing organizations to deliver and administer interactive training for Lotus, Microsoft, Novell and Netscape applications without downloads or plug-ins.
  SocratEase  -
Software to deliver online learning. Includes student tracking, testing, reporting, and a free authoring tool.
  SOF  -
A web-based software that helps you set up and manage your e-learning business,helping create a cost-effective solution for delivering training and education online.
  Solstra  -
Proven solution for delivery tracking and management of online learning. Co-developed by British Telecom and Futuremedia PLC.
  SpeedTrainer  -
Employee Training Software for organizations that want to create and deliver flexible in-house employee training and retraining.
  SyberWorks, Inc.  -
Provider of e-learning management systems and customized web-based training.
  Syntrio Inc.  -
Hosted learning solutions and course modules in compliance, loss control and general business skills, complete with e-learning tracking and management.
  Teamscape  -
Completely web-based training management system, with online curriculum planning, scheduling and logistics, student enrollment, course delivery, competency management, and more.  -
Make and sell your self-scoring PC based tests. Sell or give away your tests with our Study-It® and Test-It® software.
Provides a non-linear e-learning platform for training, education, performance support and knowledge management applications in multiple languages.
  tmsSEED  -
Web-based Smart Extended Education system that allows you to run your virtual university or conduct course via the internet without any programming knowledge required.
  Traineasy  -
Online Knowledge Management and learning solutions to organisations wanting to make more effective use of their staff and intellectual capital.
  Trainframe  -
Operator training software from Global Solutions for use on OS390 and MVS mainframe systems  -
An on-line system designed to automate the daily tasks of any training or educational business. It schedules courses and instructors, registers students, creates invoices and more.
  Tuesday Interactive  -
combines Internet-based technology with Instructional Design to create customized online learning environments for corporate clients and organizations
  Universal Educator  -
Database driven learning management systems available on the web.
  VCampus Corporation  -
ASP-based e-learning solution with a ready-to-go library of content and fast customization tools.
  VeriLogix, Inc.  -
Specializing in developing, delivering and managing employee training programs for industrial, aerospace, financial, service, and high technology companies.
  Vitalect, Inc.  -
Develops, deploys, hosts, and supports web based learning courses for corporations and universities.
  WebTrain  -
Internet software that can develop, deliver, assess and track training and education on the Web.
  WIDS  -
Software for developing online learning systems.


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