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The @WEBO Stickiness Index is a relative measure of a website's popularity.  There is a strong correlation between a sticky website and profitability.  A simplistic way of looking at it is that if your e-commerce site has hundreds of thousands of relevant sites pointing back, then you are in very good shape.

To have a link from @WEBO back to your site, first add a link to @WEBO.   Also be sure to provide the information requested below.  That way we will know what title, description,  and category, you want for your site.  We will drop you a note once we get your link added.


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Categories available:

  • Jobs
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  • Software Development Tools
  • Business Applications
  • Demonstration Software
  • Technology
  • Internet
  • Wireless
  • Nanotechnology
  • Benchmarking
  • Thought Leadership







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