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Worry about Your core competencies, we worry about everything else.  Chances are that someone else manages  payroll and benefits for you.  For the same reason, you should focus on your core competencies such as engineering, marketing or sales. 

Or, say you are having problems with corporate culture, making ethical decisions or lack technical expertise, give @WEBO a ring. View an investment in social capital as an investment in a quality control initiative - you may not see a financial return in the short terms, but certainly will pay for itself in the long run.





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This section contains all the resources an Entrepreneur will need through the life cycle of the business.   Other Sections in this space are:  Women Entrepreneur, Indus Entrepreneur, EU Entrepreneur, Chinese Entrepreneur, Japanese Entrepreneur, and  Latino Entrepreneur.

Start Ups

The Truth About Start-ups
Context Magazine portrays Amazon and Yahoo as rarities in a world where most start-ups "fall faster than Autumn leaves."

Are You CEO Material?

What Every CEO Needs to Know About E-Biz
From reengineering to e-engineering, BusinessWeek's timely new e-business site has the survival guide to take your business into the Internet Age and beyond.

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Macro Viruses
The CEO Express Virus Survival Guide

CEO at the Podium
Read full transcripts of speeches delivered by top executives and government decision-makers worldwide.

CEO Refresher
This monthly online newsletter offers essays on leadership & strategy. Check out "words of wisdom" for business quotes from Thucydides to Gates.

The CEO's IT Challenge
Booz Allen explores the "whole new ball game" of challenges CEOs face in making technology decisions in a world that is changing at lightning speed.

E-Business Confusion
This CEO study establishes that confusion reigns in boardrooms today about the relevance of e-business.

Secrets of Top eCEOs
From Dell to Yahoo, the CEOs of the biggest companies on the Internet share their secrets.

Are You Entreprener Material?

So you want to be an Entrepreneur
Fabulous advice from  Garage.com founder, Guy Kawasaki. A must read.

What Venture Capitalists Like

What if these folks had been Venture Capitalists - They Certainly Qualify!

Top 10 Entrepreneur Characteristics

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Business Incubators

Business Incubators
This Wharton dissertation compiles e-commerce incubators and resources from around the world.

Access to global Information

Global Primer
Access information, resources, products and services from any nation on the planet from this geocentric site.

Before your next business trip out of town, visit this site to find arts events and book tickets in most major cities. A searchable database offers information on over 250,000 events nationwide.

Business Jargon
From "administrivia" to "zombie bonds", this site provides you with a pocket guide to business jargon.

Best Cities for Entrepreneurs
Where will your business thrive? Dun and Bradstreet and Entrepreneur Magazine rank the nation's top spots for small business.

Economics 101
Created as an overview of economics for beginners, this site covers both micro and macro economics.

Effective Meetings
Spend less time, improve your preparation, and calculate the cost of your meetings with this informative site.

Foreign Affairs Online
This metasite designed by a professor of International Law offers brief annotations and recommendations on a wide variety of foreign affairs resources.

Foreign Government Resources
A superbly organized resource from the Univ. of Michigan Documents Center. Do not miss this web site.

From the "idea directory" to the writing center, this site is an excellent resource for the business executive or student.

Risk Mgmt. Resources
FinanceWise provides a fully abstracted directory of trends and literature in risk management.

Trade Barriers Database
This superbly organized site provides international tariff information by country and industry sector.

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